The HPI Baja 5T

This new HPI Baja 5T should not surprise too many folks. With the tremendous interest in the HPI Baja 5B, Taking the RC industry to the “Next Level” should not be a problem. The HPI Baja 5T Motor steps it up to a brand new 26cc gasoline engine providing more horsepower and better run times than nitro! The new Fulie Engine also incorporates a dual-air filter design to keep the motor turning in the sickest of conditions. No need to re-fuel after 15 minutes either, this baby gets 30 minutes to the run! Convenient, hassle free fun at your disposal!

Take a deeper look into the design features and you will find much more to get excited about! Heavy-Duty Beadlocks constructed of tough nylonn wrapped in Desert Buster Tires! The HPI 5T shows us the meaning of Double wishbone suspension making almost effortless work of the most grueling terrain. Getting the most from the engine is a precise dance of metal and gears. The All Metal Transmission Gears and the Aluminum Alloy Diff Case mean more time on the track and less time in the pits!

The New HPI Baja 5T RTR is just what the Grass Roots Racing Doctor Ordered! Fun on the Massive Scale! We will update by RSS Feed with the best price around the united states when The HPI Baja 5T is in stock!

Juiced RC


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