Hot Bodies D8

D8Hot Bodies put the lid on the RC world concerning the new D8 Buggy. With Atshushi Hara taking home gold in the 2008 World iFMAR championships last September at “The Farm II”! A big part of the research process was found by getting back into the grass roots racing community for suggestions. Josh Alton was the Chief Designer for the Hot Bodies D8. One of the most recognized attributes from the new D8 aside from weight and style, is the new gas tank. The “Clunk Design” has its roots in the HPI 1/5 Baja 5B. The new design equates to better efficiency-and longer more stable run times.

The affordability of this World Champion race machine will not create a personal rc economic crisis. The Hot Bodies D8 price comes in well below the heavy-weights. Keep in mind the competition 1/8 buggies, can cost well above $800 +/gear. You can purchase the Hot Bodies D8 for under $350!  If you are looking for a new rc car or just getting into the sport of rc racing, then this is a nitro buggy that should be very easy to put up at the Top of the list.

Take a closer look at the D8’s younger BIGGER brother the Hot Bodies D8T !

A few words from the lead designer on the Hot Bodies D8 project “Josh Alton


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