RC Race Track Concept to Creation

Pine-Land R/C -Middle Georgia

Opening May 9th 2009!

Juiced RC is following this one! The ground was broken last weekend by Jon Tanner and crew. The Pine-Land R/C area including R/V Parking is clear! The driver stand is framed.  The local power crews are set and working this week to bring in power. While the rest of us RC Enthusiasts here in Georgia are “Pining” to get a chance at the track you see above. Located in middle Georgia this rc race track is sure to have a long run. With 12 to 15′ wide track width complete with long speed burm and sand pit, and plenty of bumps and jumps to test any pilots license. The lighting has been nailed down with new power running into the track for lights, pits, and R/V hookups. This is sure to be an insane place to compete, and most of all have fun!

The ground breaking Pine-Land R/C build pics are here on Juiced RC!

Stay tuned…


One response to “RC Race Track Concept to Creation

  1. Thanks for helping put us on the map. The Power Crew is out here today clearing the Right-Of-Way for the power poles and wire to be put in place.

    I am really excited and hope to see the power up in the next week or so.

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