RC Race Track – Concept to Creation “Update”

After a long week with Jon Tanner from Pine Land R/C I can truly share his excitement for the sport of RC Racing. After a few conversations my buddy Andrew were almost ready to hit the road for Midville, GA. I plugged in the address on the GPS and away we went. My trusty 89 Mitsubishi Galant had just gotten an oil change and was ready to make the trip, we filled the car with RC goodies loaded the rest of the luggage and headed to Middle Georgia. After trying to navigate both the Google Maps and GPS about an hour and a half into the trip, we decided to pull over for some chicken and cold soda and take a closer look at the navigators direction. The gas tank was still half full, so with a quick call to Jon we were on our way again. We followed Ga-17 south and ended up at a cross-roads, turn right or left, or just head straight onto the dirt road? We called Jon just to make sure, but the big electric trucks sort of gave the answer away. The Galant was more than happy to play in the sand, so we cruised straight across and onto that dirt road. Just a couple short minutes and a few big trucks moved out off to the side of the road…a quick left took us into the heart of Pine Land RC Raceway. Getting excited about helping out with Pine Land RC was so very easy…we stood across that jump filled, berm wrapped, pine tree laden land of hard clay with much anticipation. It was almost like a kid getting a big sugar rush for the first time and wanting so much more. Here are a couple of the pictures that were taken over the short couple of days at Pine Land RC Raceway…..Did I mention Jon Tanner invited us back for more blisters and muscle aches next week….what do you think we said. The aspirin is packed full and ready for round 2…

Pine Land RC Raceway

Turns 1 & 2 on the far side of the race track

The First set of jumps leading to turn 2

First technical section leading into turn 2.

Jon Tanner

Jon Tanner is ready…

See the video here

Click the links for more information on Georgia RC Race Tracks an Pine Land R/C track.

We here at Juiced RC will be heading down to Midville,GA 30441 again this week! See a few more build pictures are here! Stay Tuned for more pictures and video of Pine Land R/C Raceway.


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