Radline RC

Radline R/C – Colossus

Alright your probably wondering what in the world this little bugger is doing on the front page of Juiced RC? Okay, I picked up an issue of RC Driver a couple of months ago, and like every enthusiast find time to read and re-read from cover to cover. I have been doing this with various model magazines over the past twenty years. I noticed a “little something” article in the check these out section. A 1/24 scale all wheel drive buggy, truggy, and monster truck from this company called Radline. I didn’t take too much notice mind you when I read “Sold Exclusively at Target Stores”. Well after stopping in to our Brand New Target store in Winder, GA, I completely forgot about what we were there to do after walking through the rc toy section. I took one look at these Radline RC’s…and bought one for $49.95 and the speed kit too for $19.95 (which includes ball bearings, & bigger motor). Don’t forget these little gems! Perusing over to the battery isle responding “Just looking” to the associates eager to help, but finding what I was looking for just the same, NiMh energizer AAA’s 850 mah output for just a few bucks. I wasn’t quite ready for lithium yet, I wanted to get a solid feel for what this little buggy is all about.

After what seemed to be a very long drive back home ~you know like the ones from the Hobby Shop, even if your located a short five minutes away~ I propped the Target bags of goodies on my official Juiced RC Review desk and proceeded to remove the silver briefcase that held my brand new Radline Colossus! Carefully slowing down the opening of the packaging to prolong the excitement. A little trick we learn for holidays, unwrapping bright colored boxes as if to remain in “Excitement” forever…

Some assembly required, though not much, insert the AAA’a, antenna on both the reciever and transmitter, clip the body and wing on, and your rockin! My first test run was not disappointing, the Colossus had some decent punch, enough to get the Juices flowing! The kit included batteries for the buggy and a 9v for the transmitter. Which by the way has full steering and throttle adjustment. The package even comes with a ramp, the buggy has four wheel independent suspension with included shock clips to stiffen up the ride. Extra clips for the lexan body and very good instruction manual for the micro-noobie like me…

I threw the NiMh batteries on charge and proceeded to install the “Speed Kit” – The “Hot” motor and the full ball bearing set. The hop-up kit also came with two pinion gears, a 10t and a 12t, for even more “Tweeking”! The ball bearings give it a little tighter ride, and motor stomped all over the stock even with the 10t on first. I would like to point out you can adjust the launch of your buggy from the transmitter. This a 3 step setting 1-3. The first giving you max tourque launch and the last giving a more smooth transition from stop to full trigger!


With only a few days and about three hours of run time I am convinced this is the indoor off road ticket. If you need a break at the office, or just want to drive the indoor animals crazy, race with your co-workers, or just blow off some creative steam this is the answer. With a host of product upgrades including even faster motors and fet stacking kits for higher battery draw. I have witnessed this thing crack the 20mph and found a host of videos for Juiced Up Radline buggies and truggies! This 1/24 seems to be the best of both indoor and outdoor play, plenty small to scream through the carpet and coffee table race track, and powerful enough to blast through the hard pack backyard rc track!  Like they say great things come in small packages.

Get your Radline Colossus hop-ups at Target!

Radline RC…..Your Colossus has just been Juiced!

Juiced RC Official Review


3 responses to “Radline RC

  1. I Would like to know about how fast this car will go out of the box. And How much faster it goes with a new motor.


    Mitch – While I did not have a radar gun or gps sesored vehicle for this test. I can tell you there is a big difference in tourque between the stock and aftermarket motors. Is it worth the $20? For what you get, in my opinion it is. Check across the internet for some popular mini racer sites, that will walk you through all the hop-ups and what they do your Radline RC!

    Juiced RC

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  3. this little car is pretty snappy out of the box… I would guess it does about 10-15 MPH out of the box but for a small backyard track it gets up to speed quick… on the carpet if you set the braking stages to hard then you can go reverse to forward and stand it up on it’s back wheels.

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