Hot Summer Nights R/C Series

Yesterday was awesome, the racers, the spectators, the great atmosphere! Everybody was more than willing to lend a helping hand! I would like to say thanks again to Loganville R/C Speedway and VRP Raceway for putting this series together.  And of course letting us come out take some pictures of the July 11 2009 race event!

With a back-up camera in tow, lots of AA-batteries, my rockstar energy drink, we finally settled into a rhythm capturing the vast majority of the racers and there vehicles. I took a little time out to introduce Juiced RC,  and shared a little bit about just who we are. Take a look around, I am sure there is something here for you to look at? This is a great place to be, enjoy…

Here are a few pictures of July 11 2009 Hot Summer Nights R/C Series to get started…

MBX6T  We have heard absolute positive feedback from the racers on this new truggy from Mugen Seiki. We might even share the recently spied E-Conversion of this thing….its fast period. Bryon Fuels needs to send this Racer some Cash! More details here!

Working Hard before the final

Byron Fuels needs to send this man a check! Get the Details Here!

The SH Engines Z-Army had one hell of a day! New Z-Army recruits are lining up to join…

General Z

General Z

This reminds us of that one commercial…

I want to see a R/C Wagon for the R/C Car?

They want you to race the Green Wagon!

Thanks for the shot Linda – Guys how many of you did she beat up on this past weekend?

Don't mess with Texas!

Don't mess with Texas!

NASA Budget Cuts? Get the News at Juiced RC

Preparing for RE-Entry...

Prepare for Re-entry...

The coverage of Hot Summer Nights R/C Series will be posted starting later on tonight. And will be finished no later than Tuesday evening July 14 2009. Once again thanks so very much Juiced RC had a great time! I am looking forward to seeing everybody again in the weeks ahead!
Juiced RC


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