Get your Cash from Byron Fuels!

Byron Fuels

Byron Gen2 Race FuelsGet  big cash prizes – even for qualifying – in the 2009 Byron Fuels Race Contingency Program!!

Byron Race Fuels has introduced the new racing contingency program here in 09′. The idea is pretty straight forward and simple. Run Byron Fuels and qualify for the A-Main – get cash! Place in the Top three in the A-Main – get cash! See the details below!

Qualifying Categories: (Contingencies paid in top category of each class, ie Expert 1/8 Buggy)

Off Road

1/8 Buggy, 1/8 Truggy

1/10 Gas Truck

Unlimited Monster Truck

Production Monster Truck

On Road

1/8 4WD

1/10 Sedan

2009 Byron Challenge Entry Form

What you must do:

Before the race:

1. Declare Byron Fuel as your primary fuel when registering for the race.

2. Have Byron Stickers (available from Byron Originals) on prominent locations on your car.

During the race:

1. To qualify for contingency payments, you must run Byron Fuel in both the qualification heats and in the finals. If you win in the finals with Byron Fuel but did not run Byron Fuel in the preliminary heats, you do not qualify for an award.

2. Have Byron Fuel displayed prominently in the pits.

3. Use a Byron Fuel Pit Fueler bottle or generic fueling device. Anyone using a pit fueling bottle with a competitive fuel name on the bottle will not qualify for the contingency awards.

After the race:

1. Have track official provide written statement (available here) that verifies you did run Byron Fuel in both the trials and the finals.

2. Have Byron Fuel Bottle prominently displayed in any winner’s circle photos and awards photos.

More details from the Byron Fuels Contingency Program can be found at!