Team Terribles – James Allara Interview

Team Terribles

Team Terribles

James AllaraIt is what it sounds like, with a twist of course. Team Terribles has literally erupted on the radio controlled racing scene.  James started with a single post on RC TECH forums just a few short weeks ago.  Team Terribles has extended there membership to any scale, any country, any age, and any class! Why would you want to be a part of this team of rc racers? Juiced RC has taken a some time with it’s creator James Allara and he had these things to say about the early success of “Team Terribles”!

Juiced RC: What made you decide to start Team Terribles?

James:To foster the relationships between racers. To help the guys with questions and usher new racers into the sport.

Juiced RC: Why would a racer become a member of the team?

James: When you visit the local RC Race Track, in time,  there will most likely be at least one other team member there. They can share there knowledge of the track, car tricks and tips, and of course play a crucial supporting role of pit man when needed. This will help form long lasting friendships for the team and across the sport of R/C worldwide!

Juiced RC: What is the direction of  Team Terribles?

James: To be the biggest R/C Team in the World.

Juiced RC: Is there a Website in the works for the Team?

James:There is currently a website in the works – we do not have an official launch date yet, it will be soon. The current site name

Juiced RC: Does Team Terribles have an official Sponsor?

James: We have 7 official sponsors

MaxAmps Caster Racing
Torco RC Nitro


Clockwork Racing Engines Answer RC USA

Juiced RC: Is Team Terribles just here in the US or does it reach around the world?

James: We are currently in 12 countries around the World including the USA

Juiced RC: Any plans to visit some of the Big Races in the near Future?

James: We have the NitroCross World Championships October 15 -18 2009 @ The Nitro Pit here in Wittman AZ.

Juiced RC: Has Guinness Book of World Records contacted you yet?

James: (Laughing) Not yet!

Juiced RC: How did you get into the sport of Radio Controlled Racing?

James: Watching discovery channel 11 years ago I saw an r/c car with a nitro engine. And thought “They put a nitro engine on an RC Car?” that’s what first got me interested into the sport.

Juiced RC: What was your first RC Vehicle?

James: I think it was a Radio Shack Special. My first real nitro car was a T-Max and mostly ran it around the backyard. The first real racer I built was a Ofna Hyper 7 Pro Buggy. If if wasn’t for Rob Bender at the NITROHOUSE hobby shop I would have never stayed in the sport of Nitro.

Juiced RC: Where do I sign up at?

James: Just send me an email with your contact information, first and last name, what your driving and where! Sign ups are open to all racers in all classes. Nitro, electric, on road, and off road any scale. Sign ups must also send me their email address! Sign up below at!

In a little under two weeks, Team Terribles has grown to represent over 165 members in 13 countries. James Allara the creator of Team Terribles wanted to share his passion for the r/c sport with as many people as possible. After realizing there are still a lot of new rc enthusiast out there that are interested in taking there sport from the backyard to the track. He found that a majority of the enthusiast don’t have the time or place to get even the simplest of questions answered. Whether your wondering what tuned pipe is best for what engine, or what set-up is best for what track  – you don’t have to worry about it. Team Terribles brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, and most important, a willingness to help out no matter what. Team Terribles is made up of RC Racers that span the spectrum of both the New hobby enthusiast and the Veteran driver. With time James assures us, there will not be a local rc track that does not have at least one team member ready and willing to lend a hand. We look forward to following along as James Allara and Team Terribles arrive at a r/c race track near you!

Join the Roster at

See the new Team Terribles Video!

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2 responses to “Team Terribles – James Allara Interview

  1. Just wanted to say I think you have done an awesome thing for rc racers around the world. A lot of us like me don’t have people to help with pitting and just plain support. I moved to Az from Ny and work that is has been hard to socialize with people of the same interest. I actually went out to the ET Moto park last weekend and seen at least 4 or 5 guys sporting the team terribles t-shirt. I would love to be a part of a team with such support and dedication. I am still a beginner at racing but have been around rc cars since the early 80’s. Hope I can support and become a part of your group.



    • Steve – Thanks! This is a shining example of just ‘Why’ Team Terribles Exist! Get on over there and sign up! It only takes a few minutes to get started – and the best part – like the information here – no sifting for hours to find your answer!
      Update Steve – There are over 400 members on Team Terribles that are ready to give you a hand and answer your questions!
      Thanks for reading our articles here on Juiced RC Steve! See you on @the Track!

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