Hot Bodies Ve8

Hot Bodies Ve8

What was once considered Taboo at the local off-road rc race track is now full production. Most of our older seasoned veterans of the Off-Road R/C Sport are starting to see the paradigm shift. Even though nitro has been in the fore-front of the RC World for sometime,  it is without a doubt starting to share the track with lighter faster buggies and truggies. The ReVolution in R/C has once again shown the roots of 1/10 flexing its once brushed modified NiMh batteried cousins. And slowly yet surely moving over for the light speed, low friction BIGGER -FASTER -STRONGER descendants of the old-school electric racers.

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From the makers of the 2008 1/8 Scale Nitro iFMAR World Champion comes forth…forged from carbon plastic and ingenuity emerges a new beast, the Hot Bodies Ve8! All this for 300$ Just add electronics and rubber!Are you just getting into the electric off road vehicles? Worried about all the extra stuff you might need? Have you wanted to race 1/8 – 1/10 electric besides the Spec Slash? Juiced RC recognizes the interest of electric has never strayed to far from the track. Over the next few weeks we will be diving into the core of the electric off road racing, and what it will take to bring it back to our local tracks!

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Learn more about 1/8 Brushless Power!  Click an article below!

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