Cen Matrix R2 Factory Race Edition

Cen Racing R2 FRE

Cen Matrix R2 FRE Cen Matrix R2 launched into the RC Racing World rather quietly. If you were to do some international searching for CEN Racing what you will find is a much different story! With there buggies and truggies all over the world, I am still impressed with the level of attention they give to there product and customers. Almost at anytime you can call Genka Trading Corp and talk to a live human being. A Company who knows the product and there drivers. Add a 22yr Veteran of the sport, and sprinkle some nitro across the design board and the Factory Race Edition is sure to find its way to your local rc race track! I have not been able to find tons of information for this bad boy. I do believe one to the biggest improvements is the lightened drive train and transmission components overall. Adding larger “Big Bore” Shocks, and machined 7075 aluminum (Light and Strong) top plate, with steering blocks and universal drive shafts, Stronger-Lighter Faster! Add your engine, electronics and rubber! The Cen Matrix R2 Factory Race Edition is coming to a race track near you! Stay Tuned…

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