Control your Racer by Wi-Fi

Joker Racer

Oh YEAH! Over the years we have learned the real interest behind the sport of RC is Big Kids still having fun! A company overseas “Joker Works” has certainly launched R/C into UBER Status. We are sure you have watched the iPHONE application enabled RC Car video posted on YouTube.Turning this iPhone left and right to steer the R/C car around the parking lot. Joker Racer has taken driving by Wi-Fi and well turned it on its head – literally! This software allows you to control your R/C car via Browser Window anywhere in the world (as long as your connected to the internet for now). I am having ideas with Atlanta’s own Clear wi-fi experience.  The Official site launch was August 26 2009 (Excuse my tardiness). You will also get to play with the “Joker Train” a Lego topped Wi-Fi controlled train that lets the user take a trip through the JokerWorks office located in Japan. The experience just would not be complete without watching your own video afterward. Who knows maybe the guys stuck at work on Saturdays never miss an event again….


Juiced RC Driving the Altezza via Wi-Fi in Japan – from my computer here in Georgia…I need much more practice!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Juiced RC trying to drive….“, posted with vodpod

You can drive after you register on the site. Don’t forget the time difference. You may have to stay up a little later than 10pm to get a chance to play with Joker Racer!

Learn Joker Racer in 3 min…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Learn Joker Racer in 3min“, posted with vodpod

Joker Train is leaving the Station…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Joker Train“, posted with vodpod



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