HPI Vorza Flux HP

HPI Vorza Flux HP

Vorza FluxNow hold on just a minute HPI! Didn’t we just see this thing released a few short weeks ago? NOPE not with the new Vorza Flux HP W/VB-1 Body! Hot Bodies is a division of Hobby Products International (HPI) the whole idea. Hpi did however include some key features of the the Hot Bodies iFMAR World Champion. The two most important on the being suspension and drive train, offering threaded big bore shocks and three adjustable fluid differentials. There are some noticeable differences especially when you place the almost ready to run HPI Vorza Flux HP 1/8 brushless buggy next to Hot Bodies Ve8. HPI has added there infamous Tork Brushless 2200Kv motor and the Blur Brushless ESC (allowing a max 6s Li-po rating for blistering speed). The radio gear is something we here at Juiced RC feel is a deal maker (or deal breaker). 

Catch the HPI Vorza Flux Video on our YouTube channel 


HPI uses the TF-3 pistol grip transmitter, RF-6 receiver, and the HPI SF-2 high-torque servo for crisp and reliable drive control. These we read can be easily changed out for your own electronics and relocated to new models in the future. HPI Vorza Flux HP 1/8 scale brushless buggy adds more flavor for what we feel is a pretty darn good price! The only thing left is to choose either Ni-Mh or Li-Po packs for your new Vorza Flux HP! To be completely honest I am waiting for them to send us a Vorza Flux HP to test out. Juiced RC has some great ACE Power LiPo batteries that are just asking to be pushed HARD (Page 72 October 2009 Issue of RCCA)! Okay maybe that would be over reaching a little, but it never hurts to ask right? 



HPI Vorza Flux HP gallery! Click on a picture above! 


Learn more about 1/8 Brushless Power!  Click an article below! 

 Caster Racing Fusion EX-1 / Hot Bodies Ve8 / Lipo Batteries 

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