Team Terribles Update


Team TerriblesIn a little under two months time, Team Terribles  has expanded into almost every corner of the world! During our  first interview with James Allara, he gave us a deeper look into the intentions, the direction, and what Team Terribles represent. Team Terribles has moved over from there original forum with style. The guys created a great space to communicate with team members & manufacturers that help foster there efforts.  One of the most interesting elements of the new team is there ability and willingness to help there fellow teammates. James has also informed me they have transitioned quite a few backyard bashers into rc racers! Once your signed up as a Team Terribles member (its free) you will have unlimited access to some great information.

Whether your looking for track info, or someone to help you put your motor in-tune, you won’t have to do look far. There new forum topics range from the “Rookie Zone”(that’s me) to an international r/c race track directory, and market place. The last of the three is a good one, most of the folks there have interacted in someway with each other, taking the stress of the trade section.If you have not already done so, head over to there website and sign-up Once there create a new account located towards the top and left of our initial interview! Pretty simple right?

Team Terribles at last count has over 350 members and they are still growing!

Team Terribles Team Objectives

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2 responses to “Team Terribles Update

  1. Thank you Brian for helping us spread the word to our fellow racers. The team is really a wealth of information for all classes and any scale be it on or off road Nitro or electric. We have two team members who are certified RC dealers who offer everything RC to the team at drastic discounts. We are also in negotiations with 4 new sponsors. We have Team T-shirts,and Decals now, and banners are being made. We have also used the roar regions to break up the country. Each Region has its own Regional organizer and each state has its own representative. We will begin team races next season across the country, and then have a National Championship to decide who is the fastest “Terrible” in all classes. We are also putting together a traveling team, who will be sent to all the big races and represent the team on a world-wide level. This Team has become the biggest thing to hit the RC scene in years and it will only get bigger and better. There are no negative things about the team at all, and we hope everyone who even has the slightest interest in RC racing will join us. James (JAZ)

    • James- Team Terribles once again shows us a glimpse of the fundamental building blocks of our sport. Reinvention of the wheel in this idea does not apply. Keep it rocking James (Jaz240) Juiced RC thanks you for allowing us to be a part of this one of a kind RC Team!

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