1:8 Electric Brushless Off Road Kits Rd 1

BuggyThere has been much speculation over the 1:8 brushless buggy class, essentially what is it doing now? Juiced RC has had to pleasure of watching these 1:8 electric buggies take to the track one by one. It started with the brushless conversions you can now purchase for a vast array of 1:8 buggies and truggies. And moved on to manufacturing with Caster Racing producing the Caster Racing Fusion EX-1. A rippin 1:8 brushless buggy that is offered as a roller or ready to run. Manufacturers followed in-line like Team Losi, Team Associated, Ofna, Hot bodies Ve8, and the latest HPI Vorza Flux HP.

Looking for a 1:8 brushless truggy? Well most produce the 1:8 brushless truggy too. Well as you can see, the brand spectrum spans as wide as the retail purchase price. Each 1:8 electric brushless car kit has something unique to offer, and all are designed with racing as the purpose.

Over the next few weeks, working with various sources. Juiced RC is set in motion to start detailing the 1/8 scale electric market. We will start by showcasing ready to run 1/8 scale off-road electric kits.  The articles will provide we feel some much needed clarity for this emerging class of racers. Juiced RC also firmly believes these buggies may help fill a gap between the Psycho Nitro Guys and the “Plug ‘N’ Play” racers.

In our next “Electric Revolution” series article we will begin to discuss some of the different reasons our nitro racers may plug a lipo battery in there buggy or truggy and leave that nitro in the pits for a round or two. Keeping cost in mind is going to be one aspect of trying on a new 1/8 electric buggy!

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