The Electric Evolution RD 2

High VoltageJust in case you have not visited us in a while, we promised to dive into the details of the electric revolution! In our first article 1/8 Off road Brushless Kits Pt 1 we talked a little about the 1/8 electric revolution and it’s current direction. With the big rc brands taking some serious initiative launching products for the 1/8 scale electric buggy and truggy market. No one had any idea the efforts of Traxxas and the creation of the Slash ‘Spec Class’ would have such a profound effect on our sport.

In a technology driven industry, the racers of the past are seeing this evolution, once again, come back to the off road race tracks. The smell and sounds of nitro buggies buzzing though the course, for this reason, makes it hard to even think about running a 1/8 electric. We have talked with racers at the tracks and at our local Hobby Town Duluth, GA. The interest and excitement levels of the ‘Old School’ racers moving into 1/8 electric has not been like this in a long time!

With electric interest in mind, Juiced RC has been asking this simple question for a while  – “Why do you race a Traxxas Slash?” Would you like to know what we found out?

“It is too fun!”
“It doesn’t punish my wallet”
“I like electrics.”
“Serious fender banging action!”

And so on, these are the top reasons, and the first two responses are almost on a level playing field. These answers could literally swap positions day to day.

These buggies are high speed – lighter, faster, and strong. This emerging 1/8 electric class puts some serious power and agility at your finger tips. In our next series article RD 3 of the “Electric Evolution” we will start to find out what is happening in the world of endless batteries! Juiced RC will spotlight a few simple metrics that will give you more power over your battery choices guaranteed!

Leave a comment below! Or contact us directly here at Juiced RC if you would like to learn more about our on-going series “Electric Evolution”

Learn more about 1/8 Brushless Power & Accesories! Click a link below!

Nanda Racing BD8e Hot Bodies Ve8Balance Charger

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