Georgia Toys for Tots R/C Race

Tis the season to help out our fellow man! This year promises to be even better! With Nitro Jugs filled by the buggies with care, soon the mud, dirt, and dust will fly through the air! And the jumps and turns, whoops section, pit row…Ah well you get the idea!

 This weekend Loganville R/C Speedway is Hosting there annual Toys for Tots Race to help out those that otherwise would not have the chance to open buku brilliantly wrapped gifts under the tree this year! And what better venue than the backdrop of nitro smells and sounds for the season!

Yes folks whether your racing or spectating, make sure and bring a brand new Toy along for the Tots! The gift must be at least $10.00 minimum and doesnt matter if its for a boy or girl, then your registration for the big race is only $10! Gates will open at 8:00Am registration is from 10:00 to 11:00 – Racing starts at 12:00!

Sponsored by Traxxas & Byron Race Fuels Gen2! Good Show Guys! 

 For more info check out Georgia R/C Forums….Tell them Juiced RC sent you!


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