Hot Bodies Ve8

Where did Hot Bodies get the idea to take there already successful platform and make it a electric beast? A new introduction from the iFMAR world championship platform is sure to appeal to the new electric crowd. By leveraging the accomplishments of the original HB D8, there are two BIG improvements that stand out with this production 1/8 scale racer. The standard aluminum chassis has been replaced with molded carbon plastic. The new chassis has been stretched 2mm, while keeping the weight low without sacrificing  rigidity or performance.  The new Ve8 from Hot Bodies has world championship lines. These include suspension geometry, 16mm big bore shocks, and the drive train with three adjustable fluid differentials. Hot Bodies Ve8 includes an “optional” mechanical brake system with the Ve8 kit. The Hot bodies Ve8 is offered as a race roller, just add the rubber & electronics.

Check out the host of shared components and improvements made specifically for the Ve8

Proven World Class Suspension and Drive Train –
Molded Composite Carbon plastic, stretching the length of the chassis while dropping the weight without sacrificing durability or ridgidity –
Aluminum Motor Mount and dedicated wire harness –
Optional “Mechanical Brakes” for front and rear bias “Fine Tuning”-
“Take a look for yourself below”

A molded carbon plastic chassis provides a rigid and lightweight platform. The front and rear plates of the chassis are replaceable for quick inexpensive chassis maintenance.

The Ve8’s motor is way up front, keeping the weight as close to center as possible.

A sealed receiver box keeps the electronics in a safe environment and away from dirt and debris.

Optional mechanical brake function is included with all the necessary components and mounts to get you stopped in a hurry. Not only does this give you added tuning ability with brake bias (not possible with motor brake) but it also keep your motor and speedo cooler which might come in handy when your throwin’ down some serious lap times!
As with all HB kits, the weight is super low. The lower your weight is, the harder you can push your corner speed!

World Championship proven steering geometry provides the car with quick responsive steering without jeopardizing strength. Once again drawing on our D8 knowledge, our super-sized shock package is the largest in its class allowing the Ve8 to withstand the largest of jumps and bumps.

CNC-machined suspension mounts hold the hinge pins in place without e-clips anywhere. The captured hinge pin design makes maintenance easy!

HB_Ve8_08The Ve8 uses extra heavy-duty spiral-cut diffs to get the power from the drive-shafts to the wheels. Six steel universal dogbones are used for the center driveshafts and at each corner to get the power from the middle diff to front and rear diffs, and also from the diffs to the wheels. The optional disc brakes can be adjusted separately front and rear using the unique linkage that brings the adjustment linkage of both brakes above the middle block deck.

Hot Bodies Ve8

Chassis Length (from Bumper to rear wing end) no tire: 500mm
Width: 305mm
Wheelbase: 329mm
Drive System: 4WD Shaft System

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