CEN Matrix R2 FRE

When you put a  22yr Veteran of the sport and a design engineer together the Cen Racing R2 FRE is what you get! We do believe one to the biggest improvements is the lightened drive train and transmission components *See Specs. Adding larger “Big Bore” Shocks, and machined 7075 aluminum (Light and Strong) top plate, with steering blocks and universal drive shafts, Stronger-Lighter Faster! Add your engine, electronics and rubber! The Cen Matrix R2 Factory Race Edition is coming to a race track near you! Click on the Cen Marix R2 FRE below for the picture gallery!


Cen Matrix R2 Factory Race Edition

*Cen Matrix R2 Factory Race Edition Specs*

  • Wheel / Clear Body included – All new, ultra lightweight racing wheels and aerodynamic flash body are equipped on the Matrix R2. Designed with rotating mass in mind, the all new 8 spoked Y harness design offers style, strength and efficiency to the Matrix R2 FRE.
  • New Ultra Lightweight Differential – The Matrix 2 is equipped with an all new, ultra strong and lightweight center differential that minimizes rotating mass while offering extremely smooth diff action. The new gears are made of ultra strong machined steel and lightened for reduced rotating mass. This new center differential is 40% lighter and transfers power with smooth efficiency.
  • New Ultra Lightweight / Milled Drivetrain – Drive Shafts: These milled drive shafts have been reduced in weight and are 60% lighter than their predecessor. Ultra Light weight drive-shafts undergo less stress to the out-drives as less rotating mass is distributed by the engine. New Outdrives have been introduced to the Matrix Buggy allowing for lighter rotating mass along with a much more durable material. The new outdrives transfer power with ease and strength. The new outdrives are 30% lighter and much stronger. The hardened drive shafts have been milled out to reduce the weight even more on the FRE edition Matrix. This provides a superior drivetrain which you can only find on the CEN Matrix R2 FRE.
  • Machined CNC 7075 Blue Anodized Parts – Equipped on the Matrix R2 FRE are ultra light-weight / durable 4mm aluminum front and rear shock towers. The Matrix uses an aerospace grade aluminum material that is superior to the competition with its light weight and rigid design. The Matrix R2 FRE come with secured hinge pins, which now removes all the pesky eclips and is much more user friendly.
  • New Super Big Bore Shocks – Large 16mm aluminum shock bodies provide extremely plush suspension that soaks up the ruts and bumps. Big Bore Shocks with 16mm width pistons and extremely durable 3.5mm shock shafts are easy to tune and very durable.
  • One piece radio tray: The Matrix R2 includes an easy to install / remove one piece composite radio tray. This new radio tray is 60% lighter and extremely user friendly.
  • CNC 7075 Pro Milled Chassis – The Matrix R2 Pro Kit comes with an extremely strong 7075 grade hard anodized aluminum chassis allowing much better stability over even the bumpiest track out there. This newly developed CNC chassis withstands the brutal punishment in everyday racing conditions. Race hard with this hand built durable chassis.
  • CNC7075 Factory Race Aluminum Milled Upper Plate is standard on the Matrix R2 Pro along with aluminum steering linkage give the buggy unmatched durability. Lightweight yet rigid.

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