Cen Matrix R2

The all new Matrix R2 brings it period!  The Matrix is built for the backyard and the rc race track. The Matrix R2 RTR was designed with the consumer in mind. This Cen Matrix R2 buggy will out perform and outlast any buggy in its class without crushing your wallet. The Matrix has been race proven and remains a 1/8th RTR “Top-Pick” worldwide by consumers that want to race at the track and the backyard. The Cen Matrix R2 buggy comes complete with an all new powerful 4.6 engine! You wanted more power we provided it!

CEN Matrix R2

Cen Matrix R2 & Gene "The Machine" Hickerson

The all new Cen Matrix R2 has a new look and new attitude while maintaining the same durability and design that has made the Matrix product line world-famous! With a thick 3mm 7075 T-6 chassis the Matrix can handle the abuse dished out by the rigors of 1/8th scale bashing. Don’t worry about the chassis flexing, the 7075 chassis can take more abuse than the wimpy 6061 aluminum used by the other buggy RTRs out there. Just mash the throttle and drive the Matrix! Let your competitors know what 1/8th scale buggies are really about!

Cen Matrix R2

Cen Matrix R2

CEN has equipped the Cen Matrix R2 with parts that strengthen and lighten the Matrix. CEN has extensively used 7075 aluminum in the design of the Matrix. The radio tray, shock towers, center diff plate are all made of 7075, other companies feel that 6061 is all you need, yet they recommended the 7075 parts that are options for their cars!! CEN doesn’t cut corners with the Matrix. When we say Ready To Rock, we mean it!!! Check out the front, center, and rear diffs of the Matrix. Each diff is a 6 gear bevel diff that are fully sealed and can be tuned with silicone diff oil. After you’re done checking out the diffs, notice the center drive shafts, both front and rear are universals! Other cars are still using dogbones. Not only is the CEN Matrix chassis dialed! A Digital Skyion DX-Pro FM 3 channel radio is included as well. And we didn’t stop there, knowing that 1/8th scale buggies need servos with some power, high torque METAL gear servos are installed for the steering and throttle!

Looking for the Cen Matrix R2 FRE

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