Hot Bodies D8T

The Hot Bodies D8T starts with proven World Championship lines! The brand new extended chassis machined from solid 4mm thick 7075 aluminum, with 10 degrees of front kick-up. The chassis plate has angled sides for extreme stiffness front-to-rear, giving you a solid platform for race tuning.  The longer chassis allowed HB lead off-road designer Josh Alton to move the engine nearly to the centre of the chassis, with the weight of the battery pack up front between the servos. Stand-up servo mounting points allow the weight of modern metal-gear servos to sit as close to the middle and front of the car as possible. With the receiver sealed away at the rear, the weight-forward design lets the D8T have better chassis balance than other truggy designs.

Strong composite chassis braces provide stiff bracing with minimal weight, while the chassis is machined for lightness under the servos and engine. The one-piece radio tray from the D8 is used in the D8T for easy clean-up and maintenance. In addition to keeping the car pointed in the right direction, the suspension has to keep the tires on the ground as much as possible, so the power from the engine is transformed into traction on the ground! This is the job that the D8T suspension must cope with, and we know it’s up to the task. It’s been refined over months of extreme testing in pure racing conditions, to make it the best possible performer on the rc track and help you get the winner’s trophy!

Big Bore 16mm  shocks with threaded shock bodies are used to keep the tires on the ground and you in control. These are connected to extra-long solid suspension arms to let you go right over bumps and ruts in the racing surface with the same already-legendary stability of the the World Champion D8 buggy! The HB Inverse Steering Block Design and aligned king pin and universal joint pivots combine to give you total confidence on the track and a superb driving feel. A full range of suspension adjustments are possible with the total racing design: adjustable roll centre, thick turnbuckle links, sway bars, steel turnbuckles and HB’s unique counter-rotating shock mount screws. Getting the power from the engine to the tires is yet another job that any good race truck must be able to perform properly. Getting as much power as possible with a minimum of loss or drag is just as important as keeping the tires in contact with the ground, which the D8T suspension does with superb ease. The D8T features every detail you expect to see in a top-level competition truggy! The D8T uses extra heavy-duty spiral-cut ‘worm gear’ diffs to get the power from the driveshafts to the wheels.

Six steel universal dogbones are used for the centre driveshafts and at each corner to get the power from the middle diff to front and rear diffs, and also from the diffs to the wheels. The dual fibre disc brakes can be adjusted separately front and rear using the unique linkage that brings the adjustment linkage of both brakes above the middle block deck. The 150cc fuel tank is large enough to keep you running longer than the rest, so you don’t have to stop for fuel as often. With a handy ‘clunk’ inside, the engine will continue running even when you’re on your lid! A complete set of rubber-sealed ball bearings keeps everything spinning smoothly through the nastiest muck. 17mm hex adapters are used to allow any truggy wheels to fit, and new HB tall truggy wheels are included in the kit. The fantastic, all-new racing body was designed specifically for the D8T. This is the lowest, sleekest and raciest truggy body we’ve ever seen, and we think you’ll agree! The body extends all the way to the rear wing, giving it a look that emulates a full-size pick-up. Plenty of cooling air can get to engine, which is fully protected yet within the airflow that goes under the body. The body is supplied clear so you can apply your own racing colours, and is formed from extra tough polycarbonate plastic.

Type: Nitro Truggy
Scale: 1/8
Length: 530mm (from bumper to rear wing end) no tires
Width: 405mm
Wheelbase: 380.5mm-383.5mm
Weight: 9 lbs
Chassis: 4mm 7075 aluminum
Drive Train: 4WD Shaft system

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